Algorithmic Testing: The Evolution of Experimentation

“Test Everything” screams a headline from one of the A/B testing vendors.

This is the world that marketers live in today… hundreds of A/B and MVT Tests, statistical significance, traffic allocation, optimize, rinse and repeat!

But what if that advice is outdated, inapplicable to your business or so widely peanut-buttered across everything that its being used as a substitute to your human intuition and experience? What if it doesn’t apply to ecommerce sites at all?!

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How Does Your 2019 Personalization Goals Compare to Your Peers?

Love the first half of the year.  It’s the time I get to speak our customers on their initiatives to grow their digital revenues via experience personalization.  If there’s one thing that’s different than last year, it’s the shift in the key challenges as personalization moves from helping shoppers BUY, to helping them SHOP!

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