Case Study

  • SEGMENT: Grocery
  • PRODUCT: Experience Personalization Platform: Find™, Engage™, Recommend™ and Build™
  • CHALLENGE: Personalizing the whole website experience for grocery customers, and extend their grocery-specific data science models.
  • RESULTS: 24% lift in Revenue Per Visitor (RPV)
    300% increase in sales using Data Science Workbench

“The RichRelevance Personalization platform is a very versatile tool that offers an infinite amount of solutions to try on the site. More often than not, there is an AI strategy already available which covers our needs and if not, we can build our own which makes it really powerful.”
Damien Vignol
Conversion Rate Optimization specialist at

Coop is one of Sweden’s largest players in grocery, with about 650 stores across Sweden collectively owned by 3.5 million members. is their online store which offers a complete range of everyday commodities for home delivery in the Stockholm and Uppsala region in Sweden. approached RichRelevance as they were looking for a personalization provider who could help them tailor and improve the overall customer experience on their grocery site, as well as generate more revenue. In particular wanted the ability to help customers add items to cart quickly and easily whilst facilitating product discovery and inspiration through the integration of content and recipe ideas. uses the RichRelevance Personalization platform to personalize the shopping experience for their customers. From grocery suggestions, content, navigation and search results, the whole customer journey is personalized based on customers’ preferences and behavior in real-time. As a result, have seen a 24% lift in revenue per visitor. utilizes the full RichRelevance suite to personalize the entire customer lifecycle – from Find™ to drive their onsite personalized search, Discover™ that personalizes the navigation and browse experience, to Engage™, the RichRelevance content personalization solution which enables them to personalize food recipes suggested to visitors, and the flagship Recommend™ for personalized grocery product suggestions. By centralizing all of their personalization efforts into a single platform, are able to benefit from the customer data platform to create unified context, advanced treatments based on user behavior in real-time. This makes every interaction more relevant and timelier, resulting in increased RPV/RPS, larger basket sizes and a much-improved user experience.

Recently, have also been leveraging the RichRelevance Data Science Workbench (DSW), a unique feature of BUILD™ to import models and create strategies specific to the nuances of digital grocery. For example, with DSW, was able to create an innovative and comprehensive replenishment strategy that displays up to 50 items regularly purchased by a customer. This has improved the customer experience for their shoppers, reducing the number of clicks required to shop for items and dramatically reducing the time it took to add items to cart and checkout. As a result, have seen a 300% increase in sales from this specific strategy, an amazing result and display of innovation!

The Data Science Workbench offers unprecedented AI extensibility.
The Workbench provides a full lifecycle management system, allowing data scientists and marketing technologists to deploy, test and iterate their own experience personalization insights and strategies – extending their own data science capabilities. RichRelevance customers are able to bring in data from any source and incorporate custom models and strategies.

Another example of using the DSW is for new visitors who don’t have any history or grocery lists yet, so have created a specific strategy using the DSW to help them build their cart as quickly as possible. are also continually testing strategies specifically for their B2B customers, who demonstrate different buying behaviors. The B2B strategy helps facilitate discovery of products and new arrivals for B2B customers.

Outside of this have been at the forefront of innovation trying out beta products, for example the content search beta program, where they experimented integrating content into their search results, for examples relevant recipes to the product being searched on.

Personalization is of utmost importance to, as Damien explains:

“Personalization is at the centre of our ecommerce strategy and we invest a lot of time and effort to try to improve the user’s experience through better personalization. The results we are seeing from our partnership with RichRelevance proves the positive impact it can have, when done correctly with the right tools.”

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