Engage Overview

Engage™ maps individual customer behavior against advanced targeting and audience segmentation tools to display the right piece of content to the customer.

Engage Features

  • DYNAMIC SEGMENTS: Map real-time, individual customer behavior against advanced targeting and segmentation tools.
  • SCIENTIFIC DECISIONING: Optimize data-driven content personalization with machine learning and eliminate tedious manual A/B tests.
  • CONTENT TAG MANAGEMENT: Boost productivity by applying tags to content from similar cohorts to efficiently build campaigns.
  • EMBEDDED RECOMMENDATIONS: Embed product recommendations within content to increase click-thru.
  • SEGMENT EXPORT: Segments built for targeting content are easily exported to your ESP for trigger emails.
  • DASHBOARD INSIGHTS: Measure and optimize campaigns based on the KPIs that matter most within a single dashboard.

Engage Benefits

  • Increase Customer Engagement
  • Marketers gain the tools needed to personalize campaigns to deliver relevant content with maximum precision and minimal effort.
  • Reduce bounce rates and drive more relevance to your customer and increases brand awareness.
  • Enhance user engagement by segmenting audiences and delivering personalized content to them; down to the individual level. Plus benefit from tools that automatically optimize campaigns and content based on CTR and RPS.