Upgrade your legacy site search with the world’s most advanced personalized search experience Boost eCommerce sales with a personalized, full stack SOLR-based site search designed specifically to improve the customer experience. Read Overview

RichRelevance Find™ delivers a rich, interactive and personalized search experience that connects shoppers with the most relevant search results by considering the user intent for every query. This wholly unique and integrated search experience is mesmerizing and designed to display the most relevant results, using all of the user behavior across recommendations, content and more. Find is the only full stack search solution architected with multiple layers of personalization and real-time controls, increasing engagement, Findability™ and conversion from search.

Unique to RichRelevance


Use fully configured SOLR with machine learning and your data to provide each shopper with a unique and hyper-relevant search experience based on their intent, preferences, and behavior.


Use RichRelevance Find to add a visually stunning interactive display that responds and reacts in real-time as the user keys or rekeys their query.


Enhance your site search with a unique metric to drive search term effectiveness to drive more views, click thrus, and conversions.

Relevance in Action

The Aspects of Personalized Search

Find™ acknowledges the complex and fundamental human elements of how shoppers interact with Search and responds with the most comprehensive level of personalization available in market today.