Grocery retailers are challenged to not only understand and retain the personal preferences and tastes of individuals, but must also design environments that enable intuitive replenishments and recommendations across multiple sales channels.


RichRelevance provides grocery retailers with the ability to understand shoppers unique preferences and replenishment cycles to optimize their experiences. By being able to consider all data points (online, POS, social, CRM etc.) grocery retailers can properly reflect local tastes in the suggestions presented.


Through greater understanding of shoppers' preferences and replenishment cycles, grocery retailers are able to optimize shopping journey's, saving shoppers time and resulting in greater loyalty, conversion and items purchased.

Why RichRelevance?

The world’s best retailers and brands have trusted RichRelevance for over 10 years to provide personalized, real-time digital interactions for their customers. As the pioneer, RichRelevance has led the evolution of the digital commerce personalization space. Using real-time data and a variety of AI techniques, RichRelevance allows grocery retailers to progressively build a rich and complex profile of each shopper and use that understanding to stage increasingly personalized and context relevant experiences across every stage of the customer lifecycle.