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RichRelevance Recommend™ enables you to create relevant and seamless shopping experiences across all touchpoints to drive significant click thru and lift in conversion. Recommend leverages our powerful Xen AI decisioning engine to select the most contextually-relevant personalized product recommendations for each customer interaction, across all touchpoints – web, mobile, email, in-store, call center and more. Recommend makes decisions based on a variety of omnichannel inputs including a shopper’s past purchases, browsing history, and the shopping patterns of your customer base.

Unique to RichRelevance


Our patented technology identifies which of our 125+ pre-built recommendation algorithms is most impactful for each customer interaction.


Build ensemble recommendations to cross-sell and upsell by leveraging product attribute and compatibility data.


Designed with retail and brand merchandisers in-mind, our rule engine offers a fine balance between auto-optimization and manual merchandising.

Relevance in Action

The Book People Case Study

Find out how Book People created highly innovative, engaging and personalized experiences for their customers as well as leading to improved conversion rates.