Department store retailers are tasked to identify and react to individual shopping trends and preferences in order to effectively deliver relevant and personal experiences across their vast array of categories, products, and brands.


With data-driven personalization strategies that consider behavioral trends, preferences, and brand affinities, the RichRelevance Cloud™ enables Department Stores retailers to optimize the shopping experience at every touchpoint.


Predictive personalization powered by omnichannel shopper data delivers the most relevant experience within any department store category. The ability to learn user preferences across multiple categories, creates data rich personalization that provides powerful guidance across the shopper journey.

Why RichRelevance?

The world’s best retailers and brands have trusted RichRelevance for over 10 years to provide personalized, real-time digital interactions for their customers. As the pioneer, RichRelevance has led the evolution of the digital commerce personalization space. Using real-time data and a variety of AI techniques, RichRelevance allows department stores to progressively build a rich and complex profile of each shopper and use that understanding to stage increasingly personalized and context relevant experiences across every stage of the customer lifecycle.