Atea Case Study

  • PRODUCT: Recommend and Discover
  • CHALLENGE: Complex Account Permission and Product Compatibility
  • RESULTS: Up to 20% increase in Basket Size

Atea, the market leader in IT infrastructure in Europe’s Nordic and Baltic regions, offers a full range of hardware and software solutions to business and public-sector organizations. Atea specializes in helping their customers maximize productivity from their IT investments. Atea is headquartered in Oslo, Norway with 87 offices in seven countries, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

Atea set out to improve their customer experience on their eshop through a strategic personalization initiative. They needed both a partner and platform that understood how their complex business differed from traditional B2C retail and solve for the complexities and nuances of the B2B challenges they faced. Atea required a trustworthy partner that could scale for the enterprise, manage complex product compatibility challenges and accommodate for diverse and restricted catalogs across customer accounts.

Allan Bo Christiansen, Digital Business Developer at Atea explained:

“Atea has very complex and interesting needs when it comes to personalization which is why it was so important to have a provider we could trust and that could handle the complexities of our business. RichRelevance was the only provider that clearly demonstrated their success in handling complex B2B use cases and had the ability to scale and comply with privacy requirements.”

One of Atea’s specific challenges for personalization was the variance in catalog assortments at the account level; each account has a unique array of items that are permitted for purchase by their businesses. Atea wanted to personalize the buying experience but needed a platform that would only display and recommend products that a user is authorized to purchase. RichRelevance easily manages such a use case and improves the customer experience further by limiting recommendable products to only those that are compatible to the one being viewed or purchased. For example, an IT user purchasing a laptop, not only gets recommended their preferred brands, but also compatible products he might also need – cables, mouse, keyboard, monitor, printer etc.

Allan explains in more detail how Atea use RichRelevance and some of the results they are seeing;

“Atea is using RichRelevance to personalize the customer journey primarily with product recommendations throughout their search, navigation and especially on the product detail page. We’ve seen our customers are trusting our recommendations now and getting more involved with the content that we are recommending, what this mean is we are seeing a lot higher product engagement than we’ve seen previously with our set up, which is materializing into an increase in basket size and quantity of up to 20%. This means that we are creating a lot more value to our customers than we’ve done previously across the platform which is really valuable to us.”

Atea views RichRelevance as a strategic partner, not just a vendor, and works closely with the RichRelevance Product Team, Consultants and their Customer Success Manager. Atea sits on RichRelevance’s Customer Advisory Board and is a member of product councils, which enables them to provide input into the strategic direction of the product roadmap and gain early access to new features via early adopter programs.

Via the early adopter program for RichRelevance’s Summer Launch, in June 2018, Atea was one of the early users of the newly released Experience Browser. Atea is particularly delighted with the open and transparent analytics offered through this browser as Allan explained:

“With the Experience Browser we can easily understand how AI works without needing a data scientist to decode it for us. This technology has completely changed the way we approach AI – with just a few clicks we can understand purchase intent drivers, analyze segments, have insight as to why certain strategies were picked instead of others and proactively manage our customer experience across the entire journey. We’re able to make educated decisions and take action in real time based on data not just instincts. This is crucial to being able to integrate personalization into new areas of the customer journey”

Atea is strategically working to incorporate personalization into all aspects of the buyer journey across different sales channels. Atea is working in partnership with RichRelevance to personalize their search and content experiences, with Find™ and Engage™ respectively. They are also working on integrating personalization into 100% automated emails, to recommend both products and engage users with content.

“We are trying to push the limits of personalization in the future, we’re trying to ensure that personalization will be part of our entire platform, and our different channels, making sure we have an automated set up, relying on feedback and insights from customers and experience browser and other RichRelevance tools, so we can provide the best and create the most value for our customers. We are excited about the future with RichRelevance improving our customers journey and making our platforms more personal on a one to one level so we are sure to create more value.” Concluded Allan.

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