Blue Tomato

  • RETAIL SEGMENT: Sporting Goods
  • PRODUCT: Personalized Recommendations
  • CHALLENGE: Wide range of products. 60% Webshop in 14
    languages and nine currencies
  • RESULTS: 3x revenue from orders containing product recommendations. 20% increase in
    average shopping basket. Average of one more product per purchase. Improved revenues on mobile devices

Blue Tomato was founded in 1988 as a snowboard school by the former European Snowboard Champion Gerfried Schuller. Since then it has transformed into a successful international boardsport and fashion shop. Blue Tomato now owns more than 30 shops in Austria, Germany and Switzerland and their webshop offers more than 450,000 products from more than 500 brands and delivers to more than 40 countries. Having launched its webshop in 1997, Blue Tomato was an eCommerce pioneer. It now aims to become the leading omnichannel retailer for boardsports and freeski in Europe.

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