Epoca Case Study

  • PRODUCT: Experience Personalization Suite: Find™, Recommend™, and Engage™
  • CHALLENGE: Época Cosméticos had aggressive growth plans but was unable to deliver results with the legacy technologies, and saw the possibility of generating real performance gains with the RichRelevance Personalization platform.
  • RESULTS: Época Cosméticos leveraged the entire RichRelevance Experience Personalization platform powered by Xen AI™, including Find™, the unique, integrated personalized search solution, to create individualized experiences throughout the site.
    +17% conversion rate on the Homepage
    3x more Engagement,
    4% inc. in conversion
    -47% Bounce Rate
    55% Increase in Average Cart Value
    +1Mil New SEO Terms Indexed by Google

“RichRelevance helps us understand our customers better because we have all our site’s behavioral information on a single platform, something that allows us to analyze and act to further improve the experience according to their evolving needs.”
Marcio Carvalho
U/X Coordinator, Época Cosméticos

Época Cosméticos is a Magazine Luíza Group company, the largest retailer of beauty and cosmetics in Brazil. They currently sell over 16,000 SKUs of more than 740 brands. As part of their value proposition, Época believes in each person’s transforming power to explore the beauty they choose to have, and it offers the most comprehensive mix on the market to make sure the customer has all product options available in one place.


While Época had aggressive growth plans, its team was challenged to seek ways to continually boost its results, through customizing its customers’ shopping journey. Época was using a local product recommendations and search service, but was running into issues in the following areas:
1) Inflexible: because they could not get a merchandising tool that was able to adapt and respond quickly to new customer and evolving business needs;
2) Increased cost of customer acquisition: the legacy search engine was in a subdomain, which penalized Época SEO and did not rank it in more favored positions forcing more spend on inorganic PPC;
3) Relevance: the previous tool only considered individual’s similarities compared with a segment, instead of learning the individual behavior and context in real time; and
4) Limited content personalization.


With personalization as a clear priority, Época chose to integrate the RichRelevance platform into its VTEX commerce platform. Implementation experts from Bluefoot leveraged the out-of-the-box VTEX cartridge, helping to accelerate the implementation in less than 4 weeks. Custom Search was launched in the mobile app in September; soon after, the Find™ and Recommend™ implementation in the online channel was completed in November – just in time before Black Friday, allowing for an individualized and real-time experience across the lifecycle through personalized searches, product recommendations, and smart content for each customer.

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