Neowing/CdJapan Case Study

  • SEGMENT: Consumer goods for pop culture, CD/DVD, books, comics, gaming software
  • PRODUCT: RichRelevance Recommend™ and DeepRecs NLP, Discover™, Engage™
  • CHALLENGE: Improve customer experience and engagement on digital channels with personalization. Leverage DeepRecs Natural Language Processing (NLP) to generate relevant recommendations for new and long tail products that do not have historical events – using product descriptions in Japanese
  • RESULTS: Shop)
    6.25% increase in Average Order Value (AOV)
    4.99% higher Clickthrough Rate (CTR) Shop)
    7.93% higher Revenue Per Visit (RPV)
    3.55% higher conversions
    8.39% more Items Per Order

Neowing and CDJapan are popular online shops that have grown rapidly in the last few years. Neowing is Japanese online shop, while CDJapan is an English online shop, selling the same products internationally to the USA and Europe. The catalog has a variety of Japanese entertainment products, including CD, DVD, games, books, comics and character merchandise and the company aims to supply seasonal products not only to Japan but also to the world.

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