TV4 Case Study

  • PRODUCT: Recommend™ and Engage™
  • CHALLENGE: Engagement with content and personalized food inspiration
  • RESULTS: Increase in CTR and content engagement

Kö, a food site in Sweden, offers recipes, content and food inspiration for their visitors. Kö was recently voted the best food site in the region by here.

Kö was chosen as the best food site because of the unique and innovative experience they deliver for discovering great recipes, content, and food inspiration. Kö is focused on properly investing in the user experience to ensure they create a differentiated and superior experience for their visitors. IDG cited the AI platform Kö uses which adds further personalization to the online journey by recommending services and relevant content based on each visitor’s behavior. The AI platform is the RichRelevance Personalization platform.

Early in 2018, Kö approached RichRelevance as they were looking for a personalization provider who could help improve content engagement for their web visitors. After a comprehensive benchmark of providers, Kö found that RichRelevance offered a dynamic platform with many features to support both their short and long-term objectives. Fredrik Larsson, strategic business developer at TV4 explains why they ultimately chose RichRelevance:

“We got a very good impression of the RichRelevance team and their understanding of our challenges driving content engagement. We were also really impressed by how they personalize experiences for their other clients.”

Kö uses the RichRelevance personalization platform to tailor the experience for their visitors by recommending recipes and content based on the user’s behavior. For example, each item or recipe page shows recipes and articles on the right-hand side of the page, and as a visitor scrolls down the page they are presented with additional personalized recommended articles based on what they have viewed and clicked.

As a result of using RichRelevance, TV4 has seen an increase in CTR and engagement with content on their site.

For Kö next phase of personalization they are exploring how they can take personalization to the next level and incorporate personalization into two key areas of the visitor journey, the shopping list and their newsletters. Using the Xen AI, RichRelevance’s deep learning AI that learns from an individual visitors’ preferences and behaviors Kö will be able to leverage everything a visitor does on a site to deliver a superior and extremely relevant experience.

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