• RETAIL SEGMENT:Food and Beverages
  • PRODUCT: Personalized Recommendations
  • CHALLENGE: was looking for a way to engage and re-engage their audience, to encourage conversion and repurchases. To do this, developed a custom email marketing campaign, containing personalized recommendations that enhance the customer experience and content relevancy.
  • RESULTS:Using the Relevance Cloud™, to offer highly personalized recommendations the email campaign generated more than 30% of the day’s revenue and achieved a 16.38% conversion rate. An A/B test demonstrated that the personalization platform from RichRelevance had the capacity to convert 246% more than the tool which was previously used. is the largest wine e-commerce in Latin America and the third largest in the world. Today, it offers over 1,500 fine wine labels, as well as accessories for wine tasting and gourmet products. The company owns the Wine Club, with over 140 thousand associated. In 2015, Wine expanded its presence to the beer market, through, now was elected the sixth most innovative company in Brazil by DOM Strategy Partners, and got the first place in the online retail category. It has also earned the title of second best e-commerce in Brazil in usability and communication with the client, in the study Best in Self-Service, conducted by E-Consulting.

Challenge wanted to create completely personal communications to engage their customers within email to drive clicks, promotional engagement and increase conversion.


Recommend is part of the RichRelevance Experience Suite that enables rapid implementation and delivers on true 1-1 personalized experiences throughout the entire customer journey. With personalization deployed, customers engagement and loyalty increases, ultimately driving sales and conversion.

How it Happened analyzed their email promotional campaigns and sought to increase conversion from email. To determine the best provider for personalized emails conducted a comparative test between RichRelevance and the in-house Sommelier’s Recommendations. RichRelevance powered 50% of the email personalization within the test and the in-house Sommelier’s Recommendations the other 50%.

The campaign was focused in the Saudade Day (January 30th), a day to remember good times once had, feelings of nostalgia. The focus of the campaign was to deliver personalized recommendations that feel more human, creating a deeper connection with the brand, simulating a friend’s recommendation, who would be familiar with your taste.

By monitoring the engagement and clicks derived from the email campaign and the website visits, was able to measure the performance of RichRelevance’s campaign’s vs the in-house Sommelier’s Recommendation.


Leveraging RichRelevance’s XenAI platform combined with’s email marketing tool, was able to set themselves apart from competitors, offering highly personalized and relevant email communications.

As a result, the campaign achieved outstanding results, delivering increases of more than 77.6% in the conversion rate and 8x higher average revenue per email in some segments. The Personalization Cloud™ drove 30.79% of the day’s revenue, representing 34.71% of generated purchases (in a day), resulting in a conversion rate of 10.94%, 26% higher than the brand’s average.

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