RichRelevance and Manthan Join Forces

On November 05, 2019, RichRelevance announced that the company and Manthan Software have set a path towards consolidating their category-leading businesses in the coming year, in compliance with applicable regulations.

Personalization is Evolving 

It’s clear that in the age of the digitally-savvy consumer, retailers need to rethink personalization from the outside-in. Retailers need to bring together their fragmented view of their customers across channels, personalize marketing engagement at every touch, as well as continuously optimize and individualized every customer touchpoint. This centralized, and always-updated customer profile data can then be leveraged to create the most accurate machine learning models, drive marketing analytics and insights, and improve business effectiveness — all in the hands of the marketer.

RichRelevance with Manthan together will deliver an end-to-end algorithmic customer experience marketing solution that includes the leading business-to-consumer Customer Data Platform, Retail Marketing & Merchandising Solution, and Real-time Personalization Platform with advanced data science.

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Information for Customers and Partners

The market of personalization has been evolving rapidly in the last 12 months. We heard from our customers and partners on the need to get to market faster by aggregating enterprise-wide customer data to resolve fragmented identities and create unified profiles, infer personas and prescribe actions with more advanced segmentation, and help drive better results with deeper personalization across the customer lifecycle.

We decided that a retail-focused approach with the breadth in both data and decisioning would be the best strategy to serve our customers.

Synergies between RichRelevance and Manthan

  • Depth of customer experience solutions: With Manthan, we get world-class customer data platform, predictive micro-segmentation, event and behavior triggered customer marketing tools, and retail analytics. This complements RichRelevance’s experience personalization tools for search, browse, content and product recommendations.
  • Retail leadership: Both Manthan and RichRelevance are deeply invested in products for the retail sector – online and store analytics, merchandising tools, and retail data and analytic models, and AI-driven decisioning
  • Global footprint: Manthan is very well known in the Asia-Pacific region, particularly in India, Southeast Asia and the Middle East. RichRelevance is well-recognized in the Americas and Europe.

Together, we become the largest independent personalization player globally for retail, creating a powerful force in the market that brings together our real-time decisioning with their rich customer data and analytics platform.

What does this mean for your business?

Simply put, you now have access to the industry’s best in Personalization extended by Customer Data Platform, and Retail Analytics, all in one package. At the same time, your RichRelevance account team remains the same, along with the professional services teams that support your business.