Hyper-Personalization: The Pinnacle of Personalization for Marketers

Every business today, regardless of industry, knows its goods and services are becoming rapidly commoditized. Competing and winning requires differentiation through memorable “experiences” as the next evolution in the Experience Economy.

In this white paper we explore the rationale for Hyper-Personalization. How the unrelenting advance of technology has created a gap that the current commerce and marketing clouds can’t fulfil. And why it is retail marketers need a Personalization Cloud with Hyper-Personalization bridging their marketing and commerce clouds to turn cold digital exchanges into a warm personal and memorable one.

A Hyper-Personalization solution that not only can consume and enrich marketing segments, learn from their application in context, and then export them back for even more targeted campaigns but also add value to commerce, by exposing real-time product and behavioral data, to increase average order value, per session revenue, and loyalty and overall customer lifetime value.

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