Atea, market leader in IT infrastructure grows online revenues by 16% with personalization

Business buying has been permanently altered. Today, 51% of all companies purchase at least 50% of their goods and services online.

Source: Digital Commerce 360

Businesses that trust us with B2B Personalization

Personalize at every level for your business buyers

Personalize at every level for your business buyers

Respect account specific catalogs, contractual price commitments, departmental and user specifications and compliance norms

Improve conversions with account based personalized search

Auto-filter the catalog to retain products that are contractually agreed with the account, personalize search results for different buyers within the account

Grow average order value with relevant cross-category recommendations

Auto curate relevant bundles and recommend accessories that are compatible with the seed product, without the need for manual merchandising

Protect margins with account and segment based offer management

Personalize offers and promotions dynamically based on account, buyer behavior or cart value, incentivize purchases when needed and avoid unnecessary margin erosion

Grow sales by extending personalization to other channels – call center, field sales

Equip offline channels with real-time user profile, online buyer behavior and relevant recommendations for seamless journeys

Save the sale by suggesting suitable replacements for out-of-stock products

Use wisdom of crowds data to surface similar products that meet the business needs, while complying with account agreements

B2B website personalization comes is more than product recommendations.

Auto-recommend items regularly purchased, at the re-buy interval right for each account, department and buyer, across channels to grow customer lifetime value

B2B eCommerce Personalization Success Stories

CDW, a Fortune 500 company with over $18B (USD) in annual revenue innovates with personalization.

Get a sneak-peek into CDW’s advanced merchandising and bundling eCommerce experience.

Insight Enterprises, a global system integrator achieved +69% YoY revenue from homepage personalization and +78% YoY in sales generated from recommendations on PDP.

Atea, the market leader in IT infrastructure in Europe wanted to solve for the complexities and nuances of B2B eCommerce personalization, managing compatibility and accommodating restricted catalogs across accounts.

The B2B Personalization Imperative

This webinar featuring Forrester addresses how personalization helps B2B companies enhance buyer experience while seamlessly managing complexities. Multiple catalogs, nuanced contractual requirements, and different buyer levels – Forrester and Insight talk about it all

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