• PRODUCT: Personalization Suite
  • CHALLENGE: Extensive product catalog, lack of insight about customers, inability to react in real time with the relevant content
  • RESULTS: +69% YoY Revenue generated from homepage personalization. +275% Increase in Marketing Qualifed Leads (MQLs) from personalized partner campaigns based on behavior. 78% YoY Increase in sales generated from product recommendations on product detail pages.

“Working with RichRelevance has transformed the buyer experience into a meaningful connection with our clients, making it easier than ever to scale across our large catalog and partner offerings. Not to mention the great results we’ve seen. We have an exciting roadmap of things to take our personalization initiatives to the next level in 2019.”

– Sarah Robson
Sr. Online Merchandising Specialist, Insight

Insight Enterprises is an Arizona-based, publicly traded global system integrator helping organizations of all sizes manage today’s information technology needs while transforming for tomorrow. Insight is a Fortune 500 company with offices in 20 countries serving clients operating in 200 countries and territories. The IT leader provides end-to-end Insight Intelligent Technology Solutions™ designed to help businesses optimize their IT supply chain, maximize the value of digital innovation, enable cloud and data center transformation, and empower workforces to work smarter.

The Challenge
In 2016, Insight sought a personalization partner to help alleviate the time-consuming manual efforts of creating cross-category product recommendations. Insight saw personalization as a strategic initiative that would help them more deeply connect with their buyer across the entirety of their buyer journey and lifecycle.

With the use of AI, machine learning, and real-time behavior to drive orchestrated marketing campaigns, Insight looked at personalization as a comprehensive way to create and deliver a better digital experience for their customers. Additionally, Insight wanted to leverage personalization to provide value through context and relevancy across the buyer journey while simultaneously gathering insights about what buyers are reading and downloading on to better segment campaigns.

The Solution
Insight partnered with RichRelevance to identify different ways to personalize each individual and unique area
of their buyer journey from segments to product and content recommendations. Insight uses personalization and segmentation across the homepage, category pages, partner landing pages and check-out experience. Insight relies on RichRelevance’s proprietary machine learning and artificial intelligence to learn about their buyers and uncover attributes and affinities most relevant to them. With deep data intelligence and comprehensive buyer profiles, The RichRelevance Personalization Cloud identifies the most appropriate content to surface for buyers and Marketing Qualified Leads.

Insight utilizes all learned behaviors to deploy advanced merchandising and product recommendations to intelligently recommend the right IT solutions for their buyers in real time. To ensure they remain connected and relevant, Insight furthers their conversation to identify the most appropriate content and partner campaigns to communicate to the buyer after purchases are complete based on their behaviors and purchasing affinities.

The Results
Insight has incorporated personalization across the buyer journey and seen tremendous return on their investment. To help guide their buyers at the beginning of their journey’s, Insight is leveraging personalization AI to identify the most appropriate categories to display on the main category page. This application has yielded more than 69% YoY revenue generated from personalization on category pages. To better determine what buyers are looking for in an IT solution and partner Insight leverages data insights to better personalize partner promotions. The incorporation of data insights has led to a +275% increase in Marketing Qualified Leads generated from pages using personalization recommending specific partner campaigns and promotions. As a buyer navigates further down the funnel and reaches product listing pages personalized recommendations helps guide product comparison, cross-sell and up-sell resulting in upwards of 78% YoY increase in sales generated from product recommendations.

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