Pushing the Boundaries of B2B Commerce Personalisation with Allan Bo Christiansen, eCommerce Manager at ATEA WATCH NOW

B2B companies have pressure from increased price transparency, catalog complexities, direct sales channels, and buyers with consumerized expectations. This coupled with aligning sales efforts across account managers, online commerce, service and support; B2B commerce vendors must adopt guided selling to maximize revenue.


Solve for the complexities of B2B commerce with personalization that understands implicit as well as explicit preferences, real-time activity, intelligent rules and leverages product compatibility to deliver product guidance and relevant content; seamlessly across sales channels.


B2B companies can respond to preferences in-session with personalized compatible recommendations, search results, content and offers that maximize lifetime revenue and engagement. Buyers receive individualized solutions, and a cohesive and consistent experience across channels.

Why RichRelevance?

The world’s best retailers and brands have trusted RichRelevance for over 10 years to provide personalized, real-time digital interactions for their customers. As the pioneer, RichRelevance has led the evolution of the digital commerce personalization space. Using real-time data and a variety of AI techniques, RichRelevance allows B2B retailers to progressively build a rich and complex profile of each shopper and use that understanding to stage increasingly personalized and context relevant experiences across every stage of the customer lifecycle.