What is the Personalization @Practice Roadshow?

With the huge success of the Personalization Summits in London and New York, we had so many of you request that we bring the best practices, game changing ideas, and ability to network closer to you. Bringing back the much anticipated Personalization Practices on the road Near U! Personalization @Practice brings together our experts, executives, and most importantly, you and your peers, to learn, walk through pragmatic examples, and be inspired by how we continue to innovate around customer data management and data science to craft your iconic experiences. You’ll certanly get to meet and work through ideas with your personalization community. You will leave with the materials, ideas, and strategies to help you drive your digital growth, customer engagement, and ultimately, relevance that drives long term relationships.

Why Go?


Learn from the experts, as well as each of you who do this every day. Learn the latest on best practices, tips and tricks ...including break down example uses cases.


Hear directly from our experts and product team on getting the most out of your tools, but also how RichRelevance continues to bring practical innovation to your fingertips, including cool new features you are getting in your bag today, and it's not even the holidays yet!


Connect with your fellow personalization peers, share ideas, and set in motion the ability to continue the conversation well past this event.


How to become the #1 in personalization – Advanced use cases, thought leadership and features to leverage

– Atea opening video, personalization vision/strategy cool projects
– Introduction – Topics for the day, Thank you Atea, AlphaSolution sponsorship

Going beyond standard recommendations

– Understanding the engine for strategy selection
– Experience Optimizer – How and why you should use our new recommendations engine
– Experimenting beyond standard strategies & messaging
– Examples of typical good business rules – When to use rules vs AI?
– Data Science Workbench – Creating new strategies for your business needs
– Natural Language Processing – What it is and why you should use it
– Customer Preference Center as a 1-1 digital assistant for your shoppers
– DEMO: Experience Browser – How to use and why

Creating even more powerful experiences:

– DEMO: Introducing Experience Designer and Dynamic Experiences
– Advanced Engage usage – Customer use cases and CTR vs RPS optimization
– Finding the right sorting for each category – Our best practises and tips

Leveraging cross platform functionality:

– Multi Variable Testing for your business – What you should optimize using MVT and why
– Overview of the upcoming Dashboard and new reports

Omnichannel hyper-personalization:

– Expanding Email relevancy – Business use cases and best practises
– Leveraging the customer profile and recommendations in Call Center/Live chat

Networking, discussions and sharing of ideas and insights:

– Knowledge sharing and discussions in groups on key personalization topics lead by our experts


*Agenda subject to updates over the next few weeks

Time to advance on our personalization skills