It's Time to Rethink Personalization

Customers are asking for you to know them better, understand their individual needs, inspire them to shop the brand, and go beyond the narrow notions of a predetermined buying flow. It’s time to rethink personalization. Hyper-Personalization allows digital marketers to move beyond segmentation to do what marketing clouds can’t — deliver real-time personalized and shoppable experiences at the individual level.

What Makes Hyper-Personalization Different?


Progressively create and update behavioral profiles for each individual in real time


Detect and recognize multiple contexts and respond with the most shoppable content or offer.


Algorithmically pick the best experience from an ensemble of strategies — including statistical, machine and deep learning.

Give Customers the Shoppable Experiences They Crave

RECOGNIZE Individuals, not segments
We use a contextual customer data platform to detect, consume and process every digital signal and create a real-time behavioral profile of every visitor. And a deep learning framework to uncover the rich characteristics that connect each product and the people that love them. Together, they make it possible to go beyond rigid, channel based segments and clearly recognize and “get” each shopper for who they actually are, not the fuzzy aggregate you think or hope the segment represents.
UNDERSTAND why they buy, not just what
Your data holds the key to understanding and acting on your customers’ intent; we just give you the real-time tools to unlock and activate it. Advanced machine learning to automatically uncover new behavioral segments; the industry’s first and only interactive web tool to immediately view and act on them. Deep analytics to gain actionable insight into how shoppers interact with your products, brands, and placements. And the clear visualizations to immediately connect performance and intent across the journey.
INSPIRE shopping, not just buying
Friction. The first wave of digital commerce was about eliminating it. The next needs to be about organically adding it back. How we do that is with the only cognitive search for commerce, one which combines products and informational content for the ultimate in guided experiences, and employs AI and machine learning to continuously learn and re-rank results based on past and in-session behavior. A powerful and user-friendly web tool that allows marketers to add, adjust and automatically test content placements and offers on the fly. And an AI-driven decision engine that makes use of the full complement of data science techniques — statistical classification to deep learning — to algorithmically test and select the best experience for every shopper and their specific context.