The Personalisation Forum

Following on from the success of the Personalisation Summits in London and New York, many of you asked us to share more of the best practices and innovation that we see. But above all, show how this can be brought to life quickly and easily through the Xen AI platform.

We’ve listened and as a result we’re running a number of training events in EMEA to do just that.

At these events, our personalisation experts will walk through specific examples to show you how to bring them to life for you.

As well as having the opportunity to network with your peers, you’ll leave with materials, ideas and strategies to help drive digital growth, customer engagement and value.


The session is intended for those who are users of the RichRelevance platform, and those who are involved in the decisions on how and where Personalisation can benefit digital channels.


Going beyond standard recommendations:

– Introduction to Algorithms
– How rules can help you reach your business goals
– Admin on your site with the new Experience Browser
– Using dynamic Segmentation
– Create advanced bundles and complete the look
– How NLP can help with longtail items
– Expanding Email relevancy – Business use cases and best practises
– Getting Ready for Peak trading times
– Adding data to your catalog
– AI & Data Science workbench

Creating even more powerful experiences:

– Create placements on the fly with Experience Designer
– Tailored content experiences
– Create dynamic campaigns with new Engage Experiences
– Using Dynamic Segments for offers, campaigns, tailored experiences

How to be a business hero:

– How to measure on different KPIs
– New reports and analytics
– Advanced Personalisation Usecases
– Multi Variable Testing for your business – What you should optimize using MVT and why

Lessons from the Field & Blueprint for nailing Personalisation:

– Executive Drop in
– Planning for success
– How the Pro’s optimise – hints & tips
– How do other customers achieve success


*Agenda subject to updates over the next few weeks

Time to advance on our personalisation skills

Manchester - October 17

London - October 22