Digital Transformation Masterclass from Matas

Key Strategies, Personalization and the Future


Matas is a one-stop beauty destination for women, and a key reason for its success is connected, personalized buying experience across its digital and physical channels. In 2019, sales on surged by 84%, and this is just the beginning, as the company is on a journey to create a fully integrated omnichannel experience, with RichRelevance as its strategic partner.
In this session, Brian Andersen, eCommerce Director, Matas, will unveil the company’s visionary personalization plans, key pillars of their approach and talk about initiatives central to this strategy. He also talks about their evolution from another eCommerce site to a ‘destination for all things beauty’.
Join us to learn:
a. key to creating a coherent customer journey across touchpoints
b. the importance of AI and algorithms in 1:1 personalization
c. future of retail and e-commerce