61% of all e-commerce sites perform below an acceptable search performance that is misaligned with shopper behavior


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How do you ace search?

Real-time personalization of search results for each shopper is key. See how eCommerce personalization rises to the next level with search results that are aligned with real-time shopper behavior.


Personalized eCommerce Search Success Stories

Personalized search results have delivered such a massive improvement. Conversions resulting from search now are 5 times the conversions without search!

Anton Paasi, Head of eCommerce – Verkkokauppa.com

Improving Findability™

When it comes to Search, finding the right item in as little time as possible is the ultimate goal for today’s consumer, yet Findability™ is not the metric being optimized for. Findability™ is a composite score that considers click-thru, pagination, bouncing, and ultimately increases engagement and overall revenues. This paper defines why Findability™ is the essential metric for eCommerce Personalization and Search and highlights how it positively impacts the entire customer experience and ultimately increases not only engagement, but also overall revenues.

RichRelevance FIND™

A rich, interactive and personalized search experience that is designed to display the most relevant results, using all of the user behavior across recommendations, content and browsing. Find™ is the only full stack search solution architected with multiple layers of personalization and real-time controls, increasing engagement, Findability™ and conversion from search.

Why top retailers and brands trust us


Personalized ecommerce search engine that is designed to improve customer experience

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Integrated with user profile across recommendations, content and browsing


Unique wisdom of crowd approach that indexes new search terms

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Real-time catalog indexing, updating attributes from product catalog as it changes

Personalization or Popularity?
What Matters More in Commerce Search?