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RichRelevance is hiring at an accelerated but thoughtful pace, and as we continue to scale and capitalize on the significant growth opportunities we see, we’re seeking even more talented engineers to join this no-nonsense bunch:


As you can see, part of our culture is not taking ourselves too seriously, but what we do take seriously is defining and maintaining it, particularly as we add rapidly to our team.  We also take our work seriously since the engineering team is the backbone of the company.  We are critical to its success, seriously (I had to throw one more “seriously” in there).  In order to best understand what makes our engineers tick, we did what any data-driven team would do – we collected data by asking them for candid feedback!  A summary of their responses follows:

What motivates our engineers on a daily basis?

RichRelevance has the largest shopping dataset in the world.  Combine this with our drive to extend the frontier of big data analysis and all its possibilities, our engineers are afforded the opportunity to:

  • Solve challenging complex problems
  • Build products from the ground up
  • Work with significant autonomy coupled with responsibility
  • Work with Mr. Pink and learn why Shalimar is worth the risk (you’ll have to ask an insider about that one)
  • Generate new ideas
  • Flex entrepreneurial muscle
  • See their code interact with millions of users, days after writing it

What do our engineers most enjoy about the work environment at RichRelevance?

From day one, we gave serious thought to our work environment.  It’s our responsibility to create an environment we love and it’s our fault if we don’t.  This sense of ownership started with the founders but is shared by each employee.  We put a lot of thought and time into hiring (it can be grueling) and giving people a voice in that process.  This is a big deal considering we spend a third (frankly more) of our day with our colleagues. Our engineers value:

  • Quality of people in engineering and every other group
  • Flat management based on merit and contribution
  • The little things, like their choice of an IDE, or committing code to an open source project
  • The attitude our employees have in taking their work seriously and themselves lightly, and though it’s a cheesy cliché …they really do work hard and play hard
  • Transparency across the company; we are in this together and have no doors to hide behind

What does it take to be a successful engineer at RichRelevance?

Straight from the source, here’s what they say:

  • Communicate complex ideas
  • Ask good questions
  • Be a quick learner
  • Be flexible in a fast-paced, evolving environment
  • Act as a team player
  • Be proactive

All great buzzwords but we mean it.  Additionally it takes:

  • Not being a jerk – life’s too short and we have no room for huge egos
  • Realizing that change is good, is inevitable, and is part of the fun at a growing company

Does this all make sense?  Does it resonate? Were you nodding your head as you read this? If you think you have the chops to wrestle with complex big data and succeed, we’d love to speak with you about joining the team.

tk-caricTyler Kohn

VP Engineering/Co-founder/Engineer whenever I can find the time…

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