5 Personalization Approaches for Holiday Success OUR GIFT TO YOU...
September 2018

As the 2018 holiday season fast approaches, we know that the holiday season is not only your busiest time of year, but also your most important; driving upwards of 25% of your overall annual revenue. As a trusted personalization partner to the worlds leading retailers and brands, we are here to ensure that you can strategically achieve your holiday goals and have the most successful holiday season yet. In this video webinar, we share 5 Personalization Approaches that deliver on your promise to create frictionless and memorable experiences to your customers across channels this holiday season.

This video webinar is brought to you by, Christina, Singh, VP of Professional Services at RichRelevance.  Her team is focused on helping our clients get the most out of our software solutions: ensuring their goals are met, innovating to meet their strategic vision and honing our best practices. Christina brings over 15 years of customer success, marketing and sales experience helping leading brands create iconic experiences while delivering on their strategic business goals.

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