Chances are, some of your online shoppers don’t know what they want. In fact, 46% of them are just browsing. How do you then inspire them, using digital signals and your knowledge of similar shoppers? See how you can start personalizing, even for first-time site visitors, deliver frictionless search and help them navigate with ease.

Personalize for new and anonymous shoppers

When a shopper comes to your website for the first-time, how can you start personalizing her experience even if you don’t have any past data to leverage?

Enable seamless online shopping and product discovery

When buying essentials and grocery, customers behave differently from other verticals. Here’s how you can reduce friction, and help customers find what they are looking for with commerce search

Personalize home page easily with every interaction

Is your landing page one-size-fits-all? We’ve found that re-ranking and re-arranging content based on each shopper’s behavior makes their purchase journeys worthwhile. This is effective on the website where real-estate is limited, but much more important on the mobile site and app, where the space crunch is real

Cross-sell and upsell can make up 35% of revenues for digital shops. Relevance, while doing so, is the key, not just through product suggestions, but also through personalized content. Learn how you can aid product discovery, and make buying decisions easier by reducing complexity and providing timely options.

Create personalized bundles with advanced merchandising

As customers search, browse and add products to their cart, real-time behavior can be used to provide AI driven cross-category product recommendations and automated bundling. Commonly used to build conviction, drive cross-sell and upsell, while reducing the burden on manual merchandising

Surface new and unique products that match customer preferences

It’s common to have certain new or long-tail products in your catalog never show up in recommendations. With natural language processing (NLP), we flip how recommendations work! Product descriptions are used to form associations between products, rather than past purchases, so you fill recommendation gaps and improve conversions.

Simplify buying by building the cart faster with associated products

To make online shopping smoother, you need to get a few things right: reduce the number of clicks to build cart, personalize based on the individual’s online behavior, and innovate with offerings such as ‘buy the recipe’ in one click.

Shopping can be of multiple types. Let us talk about two variants, first, for categories where people like to get involved, explore and spend time since the process of discovering that perfect product is joyful, and second, for categories where shopping is a chore., as you buy the same set of items repeatedly. Here are some ideas to deliver convenience, and well as enhance the joy of shopping.

Leverage auto-replenishment for routine purchases

Shoppers need certain products at regular intervals – makeup wipes, stationary, milk and so on. With AI, you can identify not just the right items for every individual, but also their purchase frequency, resulting in higher average order value

Capture explicit preferences effortlessly and drive loyalty

Looking to replicate store-like personalized experiences to online commerce? It’s a must in high involvement purchases, such as beauty. Here’s how you can easily capture customer preferences to recommend highly relevant products and keep them coming back

Maximize customer lifetime value with loyalty program and personalization across the commerce lifecycle

Right from the time an individual lands on the website for the first time, you can start personalizing to help exploration, build conviction and drive cross-sell. You can also incentivize them to enrol in the loyalty program, and move up loyalty tiers – all with the objective of maximizing lifetime value, beyond the current purchase.

Our solutions are designed to personalize across the commerce lifecycle.


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