Four reasons you should invest in a Customer Data Platform

  1. To compete with your digital born counterparts
    New age companies are using data as an organization wide strategic asset, and as a CDP helps you with aggregating your first party customer data, make it available for analysis, and for creating customer segments for marketing and other customer facing functions
  2. To know your customers’ past, and predict their future
    A CDP with Machine Learning algorithms tells you about your customer preferences, and also predicts what they’re likely to do next, so marketers can target them contextually without having to guess what a customer will engage with
  3. To set the marketer free, quickly
    The initial set up time for most data projects is overwhelming and yet, these databases end up belonging to the IT team. This changes with a packaged CDP that is designed to serve marketing’s requirements, and can be implemented in a few weeks, thanks to pre-built connectors and vertical specialization.
  4. To future proof your martech stack
    As marketing’s goals evolve rapidly, traditional customer engagement approaches spell disaster. The need last year was to collect data in batches and perform analysis on it to create a campaign. Today, however, to deliver a great experience, brands need to unify and update customer records in real-time, for e.g., as a transaction happens.

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