Discover Overview

Discover™  is a personalized end to end browse and navigation solution which powers the browse experience for a shopper.

Discover powers more than just the product results on a category page. Discover includes features like: facets, filters, sort options, custom banners/links (content), We will also be able to demonstrate Findability within the reporting. It will have enhanced reporting compared to what is available today.

Discover Features

  • PERSONALIZED SORTING: Re-sort product and category listings based on individual behaviors, affinities and preferences.
  • MOBILE CONFIGURATIONS: Enhance the mobile browsing experience by surfacing relevant items on compressed screen sizes.
  • MVT READY: Test different configurations to deploy the perfect personalization settings for your shoppers.
  • MERCHANDISING CONTROLS: Calibrate and fine-tune your product, browse and catalogue rules via manual merchandising, boosting, blacklisting, exclusions, etc.
  • DASHBOARD REPORTS: Monitor the impact of your browse and navigation personalization within minutes.
  • PERSONALIZED CONTROLS: Customize the importance placed on different attributes including: product, price, newness, brand, category affinities, etc.
  • CREATE A DYNAMIC ENVIRONMENT: Discover™ predicts and displays products that align with customer preferences as they click, eliminating the need to dig deep into product catalogs to locate the products they prefer. Discover™ reorganizes products and facets in real-time, to ensure their experience is as personal as it can be.

Discover Benefits

Discover does more than just facilitate and accelerate product discovery, it predicts and displays products that match a customer’s style as they shop, eliminating their need to dig deep into product catalogs to locate the products they prefer. Discover repopulates and reorganize products across browse and search results in real-time, as shoppers click, to ensure shoppers feel that same interactive one-to-one relationship they have with their favorite in-store personnel. Across all buying channels — web, mobile and in-store Discover dynamically adapts to create environments that are as personal as they can be.