Product Recommendations Overview

Recommend™ collects all your data and uses a powerful machine learning engine to select the most relevant, data-driven product recommendations for each customer interaction, across all touchpoints—web, mobile, email, in-store and call center.

Recommend delivers contextually relevant recommendations based on a variety of inputs including a shopper’s past purchases, browsing history, and the shopping patterns of your online customer base.

Recommend Features

  • BEHAVIORAL DECISIONING: Our patented technology identifies which of our 125+ pre-built recommendation algorithms is most impactful for each customer interaction.
  • BUILD YOUR OWN RECOMMENDATIONS: Leverage your customer expertise to build algorithms with exact blend of data or strategies that perform best for your unique goals.
  • CUSTOMER PREFERENCE CENTER: Empower your customers to specify their category, brand, and product preferences and use that data to tailor their experiences.
  • ADVANCED MERCHANDISING: Build ensemble recommendations to cross-sell and upsell by leveraging product attribute and compatibility data.
  • DASHBOARD REPORTS: Gauge effectiveness and performance for each product and its respective category relationship with multi-KPI based reporting.
  • MERCHANDISING RULES: Designed with retail and brand merchandisers in-mind, our rule engine offers a fine balance between auto-optimization and manual merchandising.

Recommend Benefits

  • Curate 1-1 shopping experiences with relevant recommendations, recommendations that drive lift, click thru and enhance your customer experience.
  • Recommend is equipped with the most merchandiser ready set of optimization tools and configurations in the market.
  • Recommend combines the power of ensemble learning with 125+ algorithms that learn and respond in real-time to individual customer behaviors, affinities and activity.