RichRelevance Launches Xen AI™: The First Open AI for Experience Personalization

New Experience Browser™ and Data Science Workbench provide digital business leaders with unprecedented AI transparency, extensibility & control

NYC Personalization Summit, New York – June 20, 2018 – RichRelevance, the global leader in Experience Personalization, today announced RichRelevance Xen AI™, the next generation of open and explainable artificial intelligence (AI) focused on experience personalization. The culmination of more than ten years of AI and machine learning innovation, Xen AI delivers several breakthrough capabilities that allow digital leaders to perfectly blend human expertise and machine intelligence to deliver differentiated experiences at global scale – with confidence and control.

“Xen AI delivers on our vision to help companies grow their business by turning every digital interaction into a personalized, memorable experience,” said Carl Theobald, president and CEO of RichRelevance. “This is one of the most important and exciting launches in our company history and reinforces our commitment to continuous innovation. With Xen AI, our clients now have the world’s most transparent, impactful personalization available in the market today.”

RichRelevance Xen AI: Shining a Light on Your Business

AI augmentation, the combination of human and artificial intelligence where both complement each other, is expected to create $2.9 trillion of business value by 2021 (Gartner, 2017). However, most personalization AI solutions today are “black box” – architected for automation, not augmentation – and do not provide visibility into how they arrived at a particular outcome. These black box solutions tend to be simplistic, and do not meet the needs of enterprises who require business controls, visibility and extensibility in order to achieve the best outcomes from AI.

Xen AI opens the black box with the debut of the industry-first Experience Browser, Data Science Workbench and Experience Optimizer to provide transparency in decisioning, extensibility of algorithms and a balance of automation and business control. Xen AI features more than 300 strategies to help business leaders detect and respond to unlimited digital signals in real time, using a full spectrum of algorithms and multi-context AI to deliver mass personalization at scale.

The Experience Browser: Unprecedented AI Transparency

An industry first, the Experience Browser provides business users instant visibility into the performance that Xen AI is driving, and full transparency about why and how this optimal experience was chosen for a given individual. Unlike traditional tools, the innovative Experience Browser UI overlays right on top of customers’ websites providing valuable insights in context with where the personalized experiences are being displayed.

The intuitive visual overlay allows the user to audit AI decisions with a single click, including profile, recommendation summary, segment, rules, and strategy evaluation.

Key features include:

  •       Inspect dynamic segments & user graph for individuals based on their behavior
  •       Visibility into strategies that drive every decision on every placement
  •       Rule selection evaluation – segment, context, type, etc.
  •       Overall placement performance – attribution, views, clicks, revenue, etc.
  •       Deep links to Experience Insights for drill down real-time reporting and analytics
  •       Content performance rankings and more

Business users can make adjustments and changes based on insight on the user graph data available to the AI, as well as easily identify outdated, broken or ineffectual rules that are getting in the way of business outcomes and the overall customer experience.

Xen AI also features the industry-leading Experience Optimizer, which leverages predictive strategies to dynamically assemble individualized experiences in real-time, while providing transparency in its decisioning. The Experience Optimizer continuously tests and determines the best-performing strategies for a given individual and context, while limiting AI decisioning with guardrails, i.e. business and brand rules as defined by business users.

This balance of transparency and manual controls in Xen AI enables customers to automate the mundane and bring back creativity into business.

“The Experience Browser enables us to easily understand how AI works without needing a data scientist to decode it,“ said Allan Bo Christiansen, Digital Business Developer at ATEA. “With just a few clicks we can understand purchase intent drivers, analyze segments, have insight as to why certain strategies were picked instead of others and proactively manage our customer experience across the entire journey. We’re able to make educated decisions and take action in real time based on data not just instincts.”

The Data Science Workbench: Unprecedented AI Extensibility

With the new Data Science Workbench, RichRelevance provides a full lifecycle management system that allows data scientists and marketing technologists to deploy, test and iterate their own experience personalization insights and strategies.

The Data Science Workbench (DSW) enables RichRelevance clients and partners to leverage and extend their own data science, bring in data from any source, and incorporate custom models and strategies. DSW Modules include:

  •       Model Builder: Leverage RichRelevance’s big data store of user behavior to create new models, micro-segmented decisioning, business rules that combine marketing and commerce domains
  •       Model Importer:  Bring offline analysis to life online; improve the testing and explainability of existing algorithms by bringing a client’s own work into Xen AI
  •       Strategy Publisher: Leverage one of the world’s most advanced AI stacks to deploy and run strategies at scale

“RichRelevance’s new Data Science Workbench helps us leverage our data and insights to easily build strategies that are unique to our business without requiring a sophisticated data science team,” said Donna Holt, Senior Product Manager –Ecommerce at Office Depot. “Together with RichRelevance, we’ve been able to deploy custom algorithms that drive even greater customer engagement, satisfaction and revenues.”

About RichRelevance

RichRelevance is the global leader in experience personalization, driving digital growth and brand loyalty for more than 200 of the world’s largest B2C and B2B brands and retailers. The company leverages advanced AI technologies to bridge the experience gap between marketing and commerce to help digital marketing leaders stage memorable experiences that speak to individuals – at scale, in real time, and across the customer lifecycle. Headquartered in San Francisco, RichRelevance serves clients in 42 countries from 9 offices around the globe. For more information, visit

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