RichRelevance Personalized Search Drives Double-Digit Digital Revenue Growth, Replaces Legacy Search, Riachuelo and Other Digital Leaders Increase Conversion & Sales with RichRelevance FINDTM 2018 – Las Vegas, NV – September 13, 2018 – RichRelevance, the global leader in Experience Personalization, today announced that B2B and B2C leaders continue to switch to RichRelevance FIND™, the industry’s only true personalized search solution. With 8 in 10 shoppers always or often using search while shopping, and 7 in 10 likely to leave a retail site that doesn’t provide good search results, companies who prioritize commerce search are turning to FIND in record numbers to drive double-digit digital revenue growth.

“As [digital experience] teams reestablish their relationship with customers, site search becomes an increasingly important tool,” wrote Mark Grannan, Senior Analyst at Forrester. “Your customers expect fast, relevant search capabilities on your site, just as they experience them on any search engine.”[1]

RichRelevance FIND replaces legacy site search solutions to deliver unique, real-time contextual results based on actual customer intent, behaviors, and preferences. The patented FIND technology leverages decades of investment in open source and self-driving AI to deliver an entirely new search experience that includes: Solr-extended alternative to Elastic commerce search; wisdom of crowds and algorithmic learning; and a visually engaging, interactive, and real-time search experience that delivers personalized search results. In addition, FIND features robust brand and merchandising controls that empowers business users to tune the experience to meet their objectives.

“Digital business leaders adopting cutting-edge search capabilities are pushing a new paradigm: Start with the customer and end with the content experience,” continued Grannan. “This paradigm is wildly different from the traditional search mentality of ‘I have content; you have a request; let’s match them as best we can.’”

Top retailers around the world have embraced FIND, driving revenue, findability, and measurable experience improvements: America’s largest online consignment shop is using FIND to connect each individual shopper with more relevant results – in real time. switched to FIND for “true personalization” that is instant, individualized, accurate and exceeds shopper expectations (approximately 40% of overall revenue comes from sessions with search). FIND delivered an initial ‘out of the box’ conversion increase of 7.3% – the biggest conversion increase has ever seen as the result of introducing a new tech capability.

Riachuelo: Brazil’s largest fast-fashion company launched FIND to create individualized on-site search experiences.  FIND factors in segments, on-site behavior, sophisticated keyword search, wisdom of crowds, and individual context cues – and gives Riachuelo’s team full control. FIND has proven to be an effective engine to drive sales: 15% of total visitors currently use on-site search, and these shoppers convert at 3X higher rate than overall shoppers.

“RichRelevance FIND unifies customer purchase intent with behavioral data to create a unique personal experience” said Sarath Jarugula, Chief Product Officer, RichRelevance. “It’s not a surprise that our customers are realizing the value of the synergies with traditional recommendations and content, and are seeing terrific results as a consequence.”

[1]  “Revamp Site Search to Jump-Start AI, Chat, and Personalization,” Mark Grannan, Forrester Research, July 19, 2018

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