Accelerate Product Findability and Boost Customer Satisfaction with Personalized Search

Despite the shifts in customer expectations and the strategic focus on creating a customer centric experience, today’s Search has failed to deliver an experience that considers the customer context and behavioral affinities in addition to the content in which an individual is searching.

RichRelevance Find™ the next generation of Search delivers a customer-centric Search experience. Find engages customers by bringing forward search results that respond to their query and their behaviors, ensuring that every query is personal and uniquely relevant. Find creates a true 1-1 consumer experience, making search enjoyable and even fun by incorporating instantaneous response, movement, and personal preferences. This Searching experience embodies the idea of Findability, which helps customers find what they were looking for quickly and easily; elevating the experience through visualization and predictive suggestions with every keystroke.

RichRelevance customers that have deployed Find™ are seeing proven, continuous results that validate the importance of intelligently applying personalization to the Search experience.

A global lifestyle apparel and accessories brand grossing more than $2.2B in global revenue sought to elevate their customer experience through Search. They wanted to make the entire experience of shopping on their website feel more interactive and personal. They began with instrumenting  Find on their one their US sites and continue to deploy the solution across international properties after seeing great success. Personalized Search helps this customer enhance their product findability and makes the online shopping experience more enjoyable. When shoppers can find what they’re looking for, they have to search less, resulting in decreased queries and time spent searching. With personalized search incorporated we observed fewer queries and increased click-thru rates.

  • +335% Avg Increase in Findability
  • -74% Avg Decrease in Queries
  • +370% Avg Increase in CTR

A large department store that generates more than $2.3B in annual revenue across channels deployed personalized Search on their ecommerce site. After incorporating Find™, this customer saw increases conversion and click-thru-rates. Results over a 8 week period demonstrate fewer queries paired with an average 8% increase in Findability when search results are personalized.

  • +46% Avg Increase in CTR
  • -16% Avg Decrease in Queries
  • +55% Avg Increase in Conversion

A pure play apparel reseller with more than 2.5M SKUs was excited about the opportunity to personalize Search results given the tremendous value they’ve seen working with RichRelevance personalization solutions. Personalized Search showed an immediate impact in items per order  and revenue per session. Like our other customers, enhancing the search experience helped customers find what they wanted in less time and even helped them discover more items, results showed a 6% decrease in query volume and an 12% increase in Items Per Order. Find™ is generating incremental revenue and yielding more add-to-carts from Search.

  • +5% Avg Increase in CTR
  • +5.5% Avg Increase in Add-to-Cart from Search
  • +28% Avg Increase in RPS

Customers have come to expect that every interaction will deliver a  predictive google-like experience. Yet, commerce Search often delivers a cumbersome and frustrating interaction. Until RichRelevacne Find™, there has been little innovation in how to deliver on a superior customer experience. Search results have been dull, stagnant, delayed, and too often, simply inaccurate. Most blatantly, Search has failed to understand the user and leverage known data points to further refine and offer a Search experience that speaks to consumers as individuals. Afterall, whenever users leverage Search, they convey explicit messages about what they seek. While sometimes queries are more vague than others, i.e. ‘Black Booties‘ vs ‘Black Studded Platform Booties’, a message has clearly been articulated and the response should be directly correlated to the words used and the user who input them. It is clear that when it comes to Search, finding the right item in as little time as possible is the ultimate goal for today’s consumer, yet Findability is not the metric being optimized for. RichRelevance understands that finding is the ultimate purpose of Search which is why Find™tracks, monitors, and optimizes against Findability, a composite score that considers click-thru, pagination and bouncing.

Want to see how Personalized Search can impact your business and help drive Findability on your site? Connect with one of our experts to outline your personalized Search strategy.  Contact us at to see how you can integrate Personalized Search in as little as 3 weeks.

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