AI-Powered Personalization: Treat Businesses as Individuals

Last week over 900 commerce, digital and marketing executives from America’s leading manufacturers and distributors came together at B2B Online to develop the tools they need to power innovative, forward thinking, omni-channel experiences for their customers.  The event elevated and reinforced the need for B2B companies to act fast and differentiate, as buyers now expect consumerized experiences when making professional purchases.

Research shows that most buyers in B2B and B2C now expect all of their interactions to be personalize, but not driven by human interaction. Research shows that 59% of B2B buyers prefer not to interact with a sales rep. and 93% B2B buyers prefer to buy online when they’ve decided what to buy. Leaving B2B companies with clear indication that they must move to digital, personalized experiences to satisfy the expecations of their consumers. Gartner supports the need for B2B personalization with the prediction that B2B companies with effective personalization will outsell less-developed competitors by 30%.

As B2B manufacturers and distributors transition from traditional sales models to digital sales environments, personalization should  be a strategic pillar and tech investment in their strategies. Buyers have become accustomed to cohesive, frictionless B2C shopping experiences and now  demanding that B2B shopping experiences mimic those of B2C.

To stay competitive, B2B Innovators should be developing strategic, consumer-focused initiatives within their organizations. Here are some topical ideas

  • Easy-To-Use, Easy to get Started solution that quickly drives incremetal revenue
  • A Unified, Real-time view of customers and their multi-channel touchpoints
  • Simplified & Centralized Rules to Minimize Set-Up and Overhead
  • Solutions that complement marketing to deliver personalized experiences
  • Modular & Scalable solutions to maximize growth potential
  • Interactive tools & methodology to make decisions that will drive impact

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This post was written by Josh Olayos

ABOUT Josh Olayos
Josh Olayos is a Personalization Architect at RichRelevance. He leads RichRelevance’s Optimization and testing program at a global level. His passion is driving RichRelevance’s clients towards an Omni-Channel Personalization experience, utilizing a customer-centric, test-driven approach towards Personalization. Josh led RichRelevance’s largest and most strategic clients (Office Depot, LL Bean, CDW, and HD Supply) to gain a competitive advantage, and exceed financial goals with Omni-Channel Personalization Programs. Josh brings over 15 years of consulting experience focusing on strategy, testing, optimization and data driven analysis with results that deliver value.
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