A Recipe for Success: Experience Personalisation

Combine Europe’s leading retailers and brands with the best personalisation experts in the industry, add in a splash of brilliance with the legendary Experience Economy author, and dust with a sprinkling of snow. Bake for 24 hours in a first-class quintessentially English Hotel. The resulting banquet manifested in the RichRelevance Experience Personalisation Summit.

It was a memorable event with our guests experiencing many things including karaoke, riding an imaginary broomstick and jamming with an air guitar, plus each guest left with a personal caricature.

Fun aside, we were also there to learn and here are my top 12 takeaways from the RichRelevance Experience Personalisation Summit:

  1. We are living in the experience economy where, given the accelerating commoditisation of products and services, creating memorable experiences is quickly becoming the new value driver for retailers and brands.
  2. Experiences are not just about convenience and saving time, it’s about time well spent.
  3. Personalisation is fundamental to delivering on experiences for retailers and brands in particular the need for consistency of personalisation across the customer lifecycle.
  4. RichRelevance Experience Personalisation fills the widening Experience Gap for individual experiences being created between segment-focused Marketing and order and fulfilment-oriented Commerce clouds.
  5. Chris from Pets at Home is a dog AND cat lover dispelling the myth you have to be one or the other!
  6. 75% of consumers are happy to share data for a better experience.
  7. The RichRelevance Data Science Workbench™ is the first platform providing personalisation data science lifecycle management.
  8. Key tenets of Personalisation AI are multi-context, full spectrum, extensible, transparent and brand control.
  9. There is a continued need to balance self-driving Personalisation AI with branding and merchandising controls.
  10. Gaining a real-time view of site activity is a key enabler for retailers to ACT on data.
  11. RichRelevance can support brands and retailers with GDPR compliance through helping with the need for increasing customer transparency.
  12. RichRelevance customers are the best!

I’d say that’s 24 hours of time well spent!

Thanks to all our customers who attended and made it such a memorable event. See you all next year.

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This post was written by Harriet Fletcher

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Harriet is Director of Marketing in EMEA for RichRelevance and is responsible for all marketing activities across the region.
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