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Meet RichRelevance Find™, the made-for-commerce, AI driven personalized search solution.

Trusted by retailers and brands across the globe, Find is backed by 24*7 customer support and dedicated customer success partners who work with you to maximize conversions and ROI from search.

Make the move from SLI Systems

Unlike SLI Systems’ point search solution, RichRelevance offers a full personalization suite, so you can add solutions as you grow, without having to replace technology every few quarters. Turn every digital interaction into a personal experience with with AI driven search, recommendations, content, navigation and emails.

Conversions. Findability. Customer Experience.

Don’t compromise on search. Personalize results with real-time behavioral data and an effective AI driven search engine using the perfect SLI alternative.

What our customers say

“Personalized search results have delivered such a massive improvement. Conversions resulting from search now are 5 times the conversions without search!”

Head of eCommerce

“Personalization was the #1 reason we switched to RichRelevance Find. The scale and precision of the platform is unmatched, and the results we’ve seen so far have proven that RichRelevance is the best fit for our customers and new shoppers on our site.”


“RichRelevance helps us understand our customers better because we have all our site’s behavioral information on a single platform, something that allows us to analyze and act to further improve the experience according to their evolving needs.”

IT and SEO Manager

Why RichRelevance is right for your growing online business?

AI driven search engine with self-learning to improve results relevance, without the need for manual rules and synonyms

1:1 personalized search experience, such that no two shoppers see the same results

Real-Time 360 Degree User Profile

Find™ leverages a shared user profile encompassing shoppers purchase history and real-time behavioral data to understand not just high level affinities for categories, brands or products, but also their granular preferences for price points, newness, colors, fabrics, taste, dietary preferences and other attributes. This impacts the overall e-commerce search performance.

Our Global Presence

Dedicated optimization experts, customer success managers and 24/7 multi-lingual support to help you continuously improve customer experience.

11 Offices

Across US, UK, France, Germany, Sweden, Brazil, Middle-East, Japan & India

With RichRelevance Find™, our customers have seen:

Higher conversions from search

More engagement

Reduction in bounce rate

Revenue attribution to search

Improved ranking in Google search