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Bubbleroom transform mobile performance with personalization

It is typically thought that shoppers mainly browse and research on their mobile devices, with purchases taking place via other channels. Many retailers therefore accept their mobile conversion rates will be lower than those on desktop websites.

Bubbleroom isn’t any ordinary retailer and back in 2016 they had the vision to target a mobile conversion ratio that rivalled its website.

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Are You Accurately Measuring Your Site Search Performance?

Take a moment and think about how you interact with your mobile device, how do you research or make purchases on your mobile phone? You’ll quickly realize that your path to purchase most often begins with a keyword search, which often is vastly  different than how you navigate a dot-com site or your local brick and mortar retailer.

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Omnichannel Personalization Means Mobile First, and This Time We Mean It!

Can a better user experience disrupt an industry? I don’t mean digital-only experiences like Angry Birds or FarmVille, but industries with physical assets and high marginal costs like taxis and 200,000 square foot stores.

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Webinar: Mobile Personalization Master Class

“Mobile First” is the latest catchphrase in omnichannel retail since the smartphone is most often the starting point for consumers beginning their path to purchase.

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The Future of Shopping is in that Smart Phone in your Super Consumer’s Hands

The seminal invention of our era has been the mobile phone. All across the world it is fundamentally changing the rules of politics, commerce and manners. The impact of the mobile phone on politics has been profound.

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Tablets and the Need for Speed

RichRelevance’s Darren Hitchcock blogs on Econsultancy.

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The true meaning of mobile matters

In the last week, RichRelevance introduced the US and UK versions of our Shopping Insights™ Q1 Mobile Study to the market with some fascinating findings around the rapid adoption and usage of mobile devices in e-commerce:

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New Report Finds One in Four Christmas Shopping Excursions Took Place on a Mobile Device

RichRelevance’s inaugural UK Christmas Shopping Study reveals the e-commerce trends that will shape 2012

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