Top Search: Hand Sanitizer at a Fashion Retailer?!

When reviewing the most searched terms for one of our clients, we noticed that the top most-searched term was: hand sanitizer.

No big deal if we were talking about a drugstore or supermarket, but no, we are talking about a FASHION retailer! Talk about a sign of the times we live in… people are desperately looking to overcome the shortage in their local stores with trusted online brands.

They say when life gives you lemons, make some lemonade.  So, what do we do when these lemons (searches) are dropped in our lap?  We turn them into money-making lemonade!

Full Disclosure: you need a versatile personalization platform like RichRelevance to put into practice what I am going to suggest next; one that allows you to make changes on the fly, without taking days or weeks to turn around…

Product Recommendations: Create merchandising rules for hand sanitizer products. These are most useful when you either don’t sell them (in the case of our fashion client above), or, they’re sold out (OOS – out of stock situation), or non-existent.

Traditional algorithms will default to other irrelevant cosmetics are likely to be shown (given that this was a fashion site), but if you offer them, hygiene products may be closer to what the customer is looking for!

Manually recommending these hand sanitizer alternates or boosting alcohol-based products (if available) should also help.

Search: When the stock runs out, synonyms and redirects can be created for those looking for hand sanitizers. “hand sanitizer” keyword can redirect to soap or other hygienic products. You can also boost these products within your search results!

Below are examples of two RichRelevance customers who created specific rules for these trying times using our Advanced Merchandising capabilities (part of RichRelevance Recommend): Rule is applied when there are no more anti-bacterial disinfecting wipes in stock.

Notice that when a product is out of stock, the recommendation zone shows up BEFORE the product that is OOS, boosting the likelihood that the customer will give consideration to these alternatives.


  • Another example of if of recommendations for products with similar health benefits, given that the hand sanitizer is out of stock at the moment:

RichRelevance knows the importance of being able to use real-time personalization to deliver a relevant experience, especially in these trying times. Stay safe out there, and let us know if we can help in any way!

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This post was written by Andrea Abe and Tenzin Gelek

ABOUT Andrea Abe
Andrea Abe is a Integration Consultant at RichRelevance. She leads the integration of RichRelevance software by managing the design, rollout and execution of new projects. Also an important role is to help RichRelevance’s clients to understand how they can transform their ideas into action using RichRelevance’s platform. She has more than 12 years in working in the IT industry, working as a IT Consultant in companies such as Accenture.
ABOUT Tenzin Gelek
Tenzin is the Director of Personalization Services at RichRelevance.
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