Search Just Got Personal

The next era of search is here, and customers will no longer be satisfied by generic and static keyword searches. RichRelevance Find™ redefines commerce site search by delivering unique, real-time contextual results based on actual customer intent, behaviors, and preferences.

Drive Greater Results with Increased Interactivity and Control

Customers now want the same personalized experience from search that they’re getting from dynamic product
recommendations and content. By combining an interactive and visually dynamic search with self-driving AI and
advanced business controls, RichRelevance Find helps retailers and brands further their business objectives while
delivering the better results and experience customers demand.

  • MORE FINDING, LESS SEARCHING: Searching is not the same as finding, and our research proves that customer engagement and conversions drop precipitously after the first result page. Find uses AI and machine learning to display the most relevant items in your catalog up front, increasing satisfaction and revenue with every query.
  • VISUALLY ENGAGE AND DELIGHT: Deliver a visually engaging, immersive search experience, returning new products and keywords with every keystroke,
    continuously refining the items displayed on onscreen as the shopper completes their search.
  • MAKE SEARCH MORE SATISFYING: Accelerate findability by delivering search results that consider
    user intent, context, preferences, and previous behaviors.
  • CONTINUOUSLY FINE TUNE AND OPTIMIZE RESULTS: Monitor findability metrics in real time and enable business users to test and try new things to improve results.
  • ADD CONVENIENCE, WHILE ENCOURAGING EXPLORATION: Use the Type Ahead/Auto-Complete feature to predict and present personalized and popular queries and recommendations within the search experience, exposing the customer to new brands, categories, and products for consideration.
  • BOOST AND FILTER YOUR WAY TO BETTER RESULTS: Ensure business goals are met, and users searches are successful, by leveraging conditional boosting, burying,
    filtering, and search term linking.