Case Study

  • SEGMENT: Apparel/Hardware
  • PRODUCT: Discover™, Engage™, and Recommend™ deployed across web and mobile.
  • CHALLENGE: A complete personalization solution from product discovery through to purchase and loyalty.
  • RESULTS: +17% in Average Order Value
    +15% sales per view on intelligent cross sells
    +15% click through rate and
    +71% sales per view on mobile

“Personalization is something that customers in the Danish market simply expect when they visit an e-shop. To meet our customer needs, we started by first implementing the most important part of the RichRelevance platform: Recommend for Personalized Product Offers. We did this throughout our website. Soon after, we looked into implementing Discover for personalized product pages and lastly, Engage, for personalized content and placements. All 3 modules work great together.”
Nicholai Fisker
Digital Marketing Manager at

Coop is one of Sweden’s largest players in grocery, with about 650 stores across Sweden collectively owned by 3.5 million members. is their online store which offers a complete range of everyday commodities for home delivery in the Stockholm and Uppsala region in Sweden. approached RichRelevance as they were looking for a personalization provider who could help them tailor and improve the overall customer experience on their grocery site, as well as generate more revenue. In particular wanted the ability to help customers add items to cart quickly and easily whilst facilitating product discovery and inspiration through the integration of content and recipe ideas. is part of Denmark’s largest shopping cooperative with over 1.7 million local members representing over 30% of the Danish population with over 1,200 stores and 38,000 employees. carries a large array of food, clothes, shoes and hardware offerings.

Recognizing rising customer expectations for both convenience and relevance, Coop made personalization across their member lifecycle a key initiative for their eCommerce initiatives to increase conversion and engagement, and ultimately craft a more compelling end-shopper experience.

The Coop team evaluated multiple providers looking for a Personalization solution with depth of merchandising, AI-driven recommendations, and a platform upon which they could continuously innovate as they built their own internal experience and cross-organizational buy-in with personalization. The team selected RichRelevance given breadth and depth of personalization across the full customer lifecycle, proven enterprise track record, and ease of use for all of their internal stakeholders: commerce, merchandising and IT.

Starting with the most understood and fastest time to investment returns, product recommendations and intelligent cross sells, Coop saw immediate results across their site with checkout intelligent cross-sells driving increases in average order value and items per order of over 17%. Mobile, with its small form factor, gained even more from personalization with lifts of over 70% in sales per view over original non-personalized results.

Building on this success, the team expanded from helping customers “buy online” to “shop online” by personalizing more of the shopper journey earlier in the funnel. They used DiscoverTM and EngageTM to prioritize what shoppers saw on product listing pages, as well as to personalize content / promotion campaigns to drive click through and content engagement. Personalized placed banners resulted in over 10% increase in click through rate for generic pages. Even the homepage saw a 2.5% lift in click through rates as the Xen AI engine prioritized the most likely categories that would engage shoppers to click through to the next page – results that surprised internal teams when they noticed that the personalized results were outperforming their manually merchandised home page.

As part of their overall approach to Personalization, the Coop team worked closely with RichRelevance’s Expert Services team to layout Coop’s Personalization Roadmap – staging initiatives to not only align with Coop’s commerce objectives and other investments, but also educate and align key internal leaders and organizations. Staging also allowed Coop to better leverage best practices, gain insight to their member’s journeys, and build on each previous stage and best performing personalization strategies to ramp continuous returns to the business. The team has leveraged RichRelevance’s Experience Browser to provide transparency to AI decisioning and how each impacts both the business and the customer flow through their site.

“he Experience Browser has been really helpful in explaining why different strategies work as they do. It is letting us explore new ways of working, like internal content meetings where we can interactively explore insights into what’s working in real time and collaboratively discuss new strategies with our sales managers.” Nicolai Fisker, Digital Marketing Manager.

The Coop Denmark team plans to continue to personalize more of the customer journey – whether in shopping and discovering products or introducing more back office information like margins to guide personalization. This includes helping shoppers better find what they are looking for with personalized search. In addition, the team looks to leverage more data with inventory and location aware recommendations that maximize margin while minimizing distribution costs.

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