Komplett Case Study

  • SOLUTIONS: Recommend™, Engage™ and Advanced Merchandising™
  • CHALLENGE: A multi-faceted product catalog with many buy-together items, looking for an intelligent solution that allows for dynamic bundling and personalization to reduce manual efforts and simultaneously improve the customer experience
  • RESULTS: 28% Increase in Average Order Values and +30% Increase in Items Per Order

“Advanced Merchandising drastically increased my ability to create dynamic rules that are best suited for our needs. I used to have to create 4 or 5 rules to achieve what can be done in one single rule.”
– Henrik André Paulsen
Category Buyer, Komplett Group

The Komplett Group is the Nordic countries’ largest e-commerce player, with a total of 9 webshops, serving customers is in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Germany. The Komplett Group offers one of the market’s broadest selections, featuring more than 35,000 different electronics including computer components, PCs, consumer electronics and other computer-related products. The Komplett Group strives to be the only link between manufacturers and customers selling to 1.6M active customers comprised of end-users, businesses, public enterprises as well as resellers.

Komplett began their personalization journey in 2014. Komplett believed that with personalization they would be able to create more relevant experiences at scale and reduce the amount of manual merchandising efforts while simultaneously increasing conversion and the relevance of their shopping experience.

Komplett sought a Personalization partner and platform that they could grow with and a provider that was powered by AI, demonstrating forward-looking innovation. After assessing the vendors in the industry, Komplett ultimately chose RichRelevance because they satisfied these two key requirements. RichRelevance also offered an intelligent A/B testing and multivarant testing tools that would allow Komplett to continue to optimize directly within their intuitive dashboard, allowing for manual controls when needed, while also offering the most rapid response times since RichRelevance has a local datacenter in Sweden.

“RichRelevance was an easy choice for us from the onset. They have a long-standing reputation of being the best in the industry and offer unparalleled transparency in how their algorithms and technology works. We’ve always been confident that we could work pro-actively with RichRelevance as a partner beyond just recommendations. Within just 40 days we were implemented and live with personalization!” – Bjørn Henning Rørvik Ecommerce Manager, Komplett Group.

Komplett leverages personalized content and product recommendations using Recommend™ and Engage™ across the entirety of their customer journey displaying recommendations across the homepage, item pages, manufacturer pages and optimizing conversion on the cart pages. To increase items per order and ensure every customer purchases the compatible items they need for the device or electronic item they’re purchasing, Komplett uses a pop-up interface, powered Advanced Merchandising a feature of Recommend™, that displays items compatible with the item in a shopper’s cart.

“Advanced Merchandising drastically increased my ability to create dynamic rules that are best suited for our needs. I used to have to create 4 or 5 rules to achieve what can be done in one single rule. The associated reporting has dramatically increased my awareness of how a specific rule is performing and if I should change or make improvements to make it even more relevant for our customers.” – Henrik André Paulsen, Category Buyer, Komplett Group

Personalization has not only enabled Komplett to personalize experiences at scale but has also demonstrated a 28% increase in Average Order Values (AOV) and 30% increase in Items Per Order (IPO).

In the future The Komplett group plans to further personalize their customer experience and have created a department within their organization dedicated to this strategic effort.

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