Perfume and Cosmetics Manufacturer

  • RETAIL SEGMENT: Wellness and Beauty
  • PRODUCT: Personalized Recommendations
  • CHALLENGE: A Brazilian perfume and cosmetics manufacturer wanted its new eCommerce site to maximize engagement and sales with an optimized experience tailored to shoppers’ geographic location and past brand interactions.
  • RESULTS: 40% MoM increase for online sales

A leading Brazilian brand of perfume and cosmetics with products backed by Brazilian and international celebrities. The combination of star power and value pricing translates into high quality products to a new customer segment – their hallmark. In 2017, their sales topped R$415 million and the company set out to double that figure by 2020 through a revitalized sales strategy and the launch of its first eCommerce site.

Celebrity endorsement in every category, such as fragrances, makeup , hair, body, bath, man and kids, goes farther than simply connecting names with products. Stars appear in print, television and billboard advertising and make appearances at promotional events, including meetings with the brand’s more than 250,000 direct sales representatives.


As they prepared to launch their first eCommerce initiative in 2017, it sought to approach its customers to the entertainment universe backed-up Silvio Santos Group business, translating the glamour of celebrity backing into a rich online experience tailored to shoppers’ individual beauty needs. Complicating this effort was the need to adapt the new website to reflect and match different regional campaigns that runs at the same time, in different cycles, depending on the region, because it should follow the same Direct Sales door-to-door campaigns and catalog   according to a site visitor’s location.

In addition to this geographic segmentation, they sought to enrich the online experience by tailoring product assortments and content according to individual preferences and past purchasing history. By maximizing relevance with dynamically personalized content, they sought to win customers and earn loyalty in Brazil’s crowded beauty and fragrance marketplace.

Solution Overview

This perfume and cosmetics manufacturer built its eCommerce business around RichRelevance’s AI-based personalization platform. The brand turned to RichRelevance Engage to dynamically detect and serve location-dependent content, products, and offers. RichRelevance Recommend then applied dynamic intelligence to present the most relevant items for each individual from within the region’s assigned catalog.

How it Works

Prior to implementing RichRelevance, they embarked on an extensive search for the right technology to launch its eCommerce presence. All-in-one solutions that promised personalization alongside an eCommerce platform didn’t offer the breadth and depth of functionality to meet their requirements.

Instead, they opted to select and integrate two best-of-breed solutions – RichRelevance and VTex, the largest eCommerce provider in South America. VTex offered the simplicity of a cloud eCommerce implementation along with the extensive commerce functionality they sought. RichRelevance’s industry-leading dynamic personalization provided the flexibility and interaction-specific machine learning to deliver the layers of contextual relevance they required. Thanks to RichRelevance’s open and flexible architecture, integration was swift and straightforward, with a four-month timeline from selection to launch.

When a shopper first visits the their site, RichRelevance’s Engage, Recommend and Personalization AI dynamically personalizes the site experience inn real time. Content from the home page hero banner onwards (from celebrity content to product assortments and site navigation) is tailored to the shopper’s geographic location, as well as individual history, context and behavior. A shopper in Bahia might be served content and products connected with one star, while Rio de Janeiro consumers might view content showcasing a new product launch for an entirely different line headed by another spokesperson.

With each site interaction, RichRelevance’s AI dynamically applies the most relevant decisioning algorithm to deliver the products best suited for the individual shopper’s beauty needs,  continually learning and optimizing the experience in real time. Replenishment recommendations, complementary items, and new product launches are presented according to the shopper’s context within the customer lifecycle, while at the same time adhering to the business rules established for the regional product catalog.

Since launching in late 2017, they have worked hand in hand with RichRelevance to build a strong startup presence.Thanks to the content-rich, individualized shopping experience this perfume and cosmetics manufacturer offers, engagement is consistently high across geographic regions

Online sales have soared, with month-over-month growth since December average order sizes is increasing. The new eCommerce channel now accounts for a good portion of overall sales. And despite the short time frame since launch, their site is attracting return traffic and sales, thanks to personalized recommendations for replenishment items and complementary products.

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