Personalization or ‘customisation’ is the tailoring of an experience, product or service to suit an individual’s unique needs or circumstances. Most commonly used by retailers, personalization software helps retailers create custom experiences on their website, mobile site or mobile app for shoppers based on behaviour and/or preferences.  Tailoring what an individual shopper sees enhances their experience by connecting them with relevant products, information and content more quickly and easily.

Today’s consumer reality couples discernible shoppers demanding more compelling experiences together with an explosion in choice.  Factor in pressures to save shoppers time and the importance of personalization is clear.  Rather than relying on a shopper to sift through pages of irrelevant products, personalization presents the most relevant first, increasing the likelihood of purchase and return visits.  What’s more, in paring the desired product with matching accessories, user guides, compatible products etc. the shopper experience can be enhanced further.

With advances in technology, personalization is evolving and increasing in sophistication to understand and anticipate how the shopper thinks and will behave. When personalization is capable of understanding what an individual likes or dislikes it can anticipate needs, inspire shoppers and curate one to one shopping experiences.

As specialists in personalization for over 10 years, RichRelevance has developed leading-edge personalization software to help retailers personalize the whole customer journey.  Find out more about our personalization software.