Big Data

Big Data and Democracy: Lessons Learned on the Obama Campaign

Chief Data Scientist, Obama for America

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Finding Nemo’s Silver Lining: Using Big Data to Analyze Big Weather

For those of you who live in a data cave on the West Coast like I do, it may come as a surprise that there was a blizzard this past weekend—a BIG one.  The ‘Nemo’ blizzard, caused by a merging of two low pressure systems that originated in the central and southeast US, then migrated to the north-eastern seaboard—affected millions of people in the US Northeast, with heavy snow and multiple power-outages.

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Data Dispatch from Afghanistan: Analysis of One US Major’s Incoming Mail in Bagram

Three months ago, I deployed with the 101st Combat Aviation Brigade of the 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault) to Afghanistan as the Experimental Test Pilot for Task Force Destiny.

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Big Dada: A glimpse into transatlantic gift trends this Father’s Day

I’ve now been a father for 26 days, so for the first time, I am on the other side of whatever recognition/acknowledgement rituals might ensue this Father’s Day.

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Visualize This: the Opportunity of Retail Network Data

Oh, Facebook. Everyday, we log in to check out our news feed, update our status, see who posted to our wall or tagged us in incriminating photos from last weekend. Activities that were meaningless to most of us five years ago are now ingrained into our daily lives.

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