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The Economist: David Selinger on Startups Big and Small

A former Amazon manager and the boss of RichRelevance, David Selinger, explains the retail giant’s success and what start-ups can teach traditional firms.

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Latest Infographic: Back To School 2014

Our retail publishers see their highest volume of summer shopping on July 11 and 12. In fact, our retailer trends have shown up to a 22% increase in revenue throughout the month.

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Reflections on Thanksgiving

Thanks Giving.

I love today: The day before Thanksgiving.

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Gaining Access to Retail Metrics that Matter

The lack of quality metrics available continues to stymie the advertising industry’s ability to justify spend. While still important, a “click” and/or “view” just doesn’t get me that excited anymore. In order to keep the momentum behind the shift towards digital media, we need to empower our brand partners with better tools to justify this industry change.

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The Future of Shopping is in that Smart Phone in your Super Consumer’s Hands

The seminal invention of our era has been the mobile phone. All across the world it is fundamentally changing the rules of politics, commerce and manners. The impact of the mobile phone on politics has been profound.

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Re-cap and Insights from Future of Shopping in London

London may be gearing up to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee but here at RichRelevance UK, we’re still riding high on the momentum from last week’s Future of Shopping event!

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Meet Today’s Super Consumer: She’s Redefining The Future of Shopping

We are in the midst of a technological revolution affecting everything about the shopping process: the simultaneous explosion of social, mobile and local technologies. It is in these transition points where our business decisions have the most impact—where companies are made and lost.

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Why digital ad targeting is failing

Chief Evangelist Jake Bailey discusses how to help the industry fully leverage data surrounding ad context and consumer behavior on iMedia Connection.

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