These Days, Every Day is a Black Friday

Doubling of online grocery sales. 33% increase in ecommerce. As much as quadrupling of online sales in home entertainment, from streaming services to wine, beer and liquor.

Over the past 8 weeks, RichRelevance has witnessed a spike in traffic that mirrors the holiday shopping week around Thanksgiving. Said another way, it seems that now every day is Black Friday.

But can your real-time personalization provider handle this?

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Happy Holidays… in August?! [Part 1 – Holiday Readiness]

While it’s true that I am based in California where cannabis is legal, I will assure you that no substances have been imbibed during the authoring of this seemingly mistimed post.

It’s because most of our retail and brand customers are gearing up for the holiday season right now, in August. And like most of them, the IT cutoff to make any meaningful changes, test, and deploy to production is before September. 

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100% Uptime Makes for a Holly, Jolly Cyber Week

As 54 million Americans got ready last week to hit the road to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday (per AAA), the RichRelevance Operations team was buckling down for their busiest time of the year.  Mountain Dew, coffee and snacks were stocked, playlists downloaded, and with anticipation of what was to come, the team was ready.

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The RichRelevance Ops Team is Coming to Town

The RichRelevance Ops Team is Coming to Town: They work when you’re sleeping, they work when you’re awake…

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Goodbye Summer, Hello Holidays

Yes, there is Black Friday and Cyber Monday and even Super Saturday, but the real question is are you ready?

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How Black Friday has Changed from a Weekend Fling to a Week Long Love Affair

In the weeks that fly by in the lead up to Christmas, November’s final weekend has established itself as the busiest shopping period of the year. While most retailers got ready to dive into a weekend of online ‘supermarket sweep’, the team at RichRelevance geared up for a busy period making sure the retail frenzy converted into purchases and maximum revenue for brands.

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The Most Wonderful Time of the (Ops Team’s) Year!

While most people were getting ready to indulge for the Thanksgiving Holiday here in the U.S., the {rr} Ops Team was stocking up on their Mountain Dew supply and compiling lengthy playlists to weather the busiest shopping period of the year.

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Study: 58% of shoppers say deal days like Black Friday don’t matter

Consumers are less annoyed with holiday merchandise alongside Halloween goods, according to a new survey.

The Christmas creep is not your cousin Eddie in a too-tight Rudolph sweater with an eggnog mustache.

Christmas creep refers to holiday-related sales and products appearing earlier each year online and in stores. Several retailers, such as Sam’s Club, The Bon-Ton Stores Inc. (No. 169 in the Internet Retailer 2016 Top 500 Guide) and Target Corp. (No. 22), are rolling out Black Friday deals before Thanksgiving, even though Black Friday occurs on the day after Thanksgiving.

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