Happy Holidays… in August?! [Part 1 – Holiday Readiness]

While it’s true that I am based in California where cannabis is legal, I will assure you that no substances have been imbibed during the authoring of this seemingly mistimed post.

It’s because most of our retail and brand customers are gearing up for the holiday season right now, in August. And like most of them, the IT cutoff to make any meaningful changes, test, and deploy to production is before September. 

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5 ways to reduce cart abandoment

5 Ways to Reduce Cart Abandonment with Dynamic Experiences

Holiday season is fast creeping up upon us and retailers are gearing up for it with new catalogs, seasonal promotions, refreshed website, new content and more. But how do you prevent the dreaded “abandoned cart” which threatens to destroy all of our hard work, causing prospects and customers to leave mid-way through the purchase? Studies place cart abandonment as high as 80%! Reducing it by even a few percentage points can mean massive recovered revenue.

RichRelevance Dynamic eXperiences with Engage has you covered. Read on for more.

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This Holiday Season, Stores Are the New Black

Today, we released our new study of more than 1,000 U.S. consumers, highlighting shopping preferences and sentiment this holiday season.  One common theme that emerged is that Americans continue to be all about “instant gratification”; even benefits like Amazon Prime can’t top the pleasure and convenience of a purchase in-hand at check out.

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2013 Season of Shopping Insights 2: Insights Across America

Continuing our series on “2013 Season of Shopping Insights,” we analyzed shopping behavior in the top 50 cities across the US (including mobile share of views, and mobile share of sales) and uncovered some regional shopping patterns—and anomalies—that may surprise you.

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2013 Season of Shopping Insights: Shoppers Less Responsive to Retailers’ Day-Specific Promotions though Cyber Monday Gains Ground

As a data-driven company that derives relevant shopping insights  from the billions of shopping sessions we touch each year, we wanted to assemble a series of interesting take-aways that showcase notable trends of the all-important holiday shopping season.

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It’s Not Too Late To Think Like Amazon This Holiday!

‘Tis the season that many retailers look to tactics and strategies to programmatically maximize their e-commerce conversion, and customer value pre-peak. These new innovations are critical for success, but always include a bit of risk. Are there any “tried-and-true” approaches we can confidently implement pre-peak with 100% certainty?

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Reflections on Thanksgiving

Thanks Giving.

I love today: The day before Thanksgiving.

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Christmas in January?

I know the absolute last thing you want to be thinking about right now is the Christmas holiday, but this year RichRelevance is giving you your gift early. Today we released our “12 months of Christmas” white paper—chock full of best practices for retailers to help jump start their Holiday 2012 season planning.

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